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Creeping perennial herbaceous plant (Cornus canadensis), also called dwarf cornel, of the dogwood family. The small and inconspicuous yellowish flowers, grouped in heads surrounded by four large and showy white (rarely pink) petal-like bracts, give rise to clusters of red fruits. Bunchberry is found in acid soils, bogs, and upland slopes in Asia and from Greenland to Alaska, and south as far as Maryland, New Mexico, and California.

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Bunchberry \Bunch"ber`ry\, n. (Bot.)
The dwarf cornel ({Cornus Canadensis}), which bears a dense
cluster of bright red, edible berries.

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n : creeping red-berried perennial herb distinguished by
clustered leaf whorls at tips of shoots; Greenland to
Alaska [syn: {dwarf cornel}, {crackerberry}, {pudding
berry}, {Cornus canadensis}]

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Category: Image - :Cornus canadensis 25781.JPG|thumb|Cornus canadensis - the bunchberry.
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  • A common name for two species of dwarf dogwoods: Inter: taxlink » Cornus canadensis|species - Canadian or Eastern Bunchberry; Inter: taxlink » Cornus suecica|species - Eurasian or Northern Bunchberry.
    1. The fruit of either of these plants.

      Related terms

      * Canadian dwarf cornel

  • crackerberry

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