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adj : characterized by bungalows; "the bungaloid suburbs"

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Inter: suffix » bungalow|oid


Inter: en-nou » n
  • Inter: sometimes » derogatory A house resembling a bungalow.
    1. 1935, The Spectator (volume 154)
    2. : You can live In a charming modern house, 5 minutes from station and from open unspoiled and protected countryside, free of bungaloids and all such atrocities. And it is really economical.
    3. Inter: quote-news » year=2009|date=August 21|author=Paul Theroux|title=Happily a State, Forever an Island|work=New York Times|url=

    |passage=Other plantation lands have become bungaloid subdivisions or luxury housing or golf courses.
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