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Alternative forms

* Inter: l » en|butt-chin


From the resemblance to buttocks.


Inter: en-noun » head=butt chin
  • Inter: informal » lang=en a cleft chin
    1. 2011, C. Lazarus, ''Father on the Loose!"
    2. : Still looking lost and confused, Clive scratched his butt-chin, looked me in the eye with both pupils constricted, and full of uncertainty, he stammered as he fired yet another question.
    3. 2010, Scott Pratt, Injustice for All
    4. : Katie immediately noticed a deep cleft in his chin. “Butt chin” was what the kids at school called it.
    5. 2010, Beth Williamson, Unbridled
    6. : Alex barked a laugh, surprising both of them. "Butt chin? What does that mean?"
    7. : "It's got a crack in it, like a butt. Daddy had the butt chin, too."
    8. 2008, Sara Shepard, Flawless, page 206
    9. : Aria sneaked a peek at Sean. Her eyes kept gravitating toward the little cleft in his chin. Ali used to call them "butt chins," but it was actually pretty cute.
    10. 2007, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Sullivans Evidence'', page 334
    11. : His most distinctive feature was his cleft chin. Some people jokingly referred to it as a “butt chin.” Sheppard's dimpled chin wasn't at all unsightly.
    12. 2006, Carol Weston, Melanie in Manhattan, page 261
    13. : He had a cleft chin, or as Matt whispered to me, a butt chin.
    14. 2004, Justin Hocking, Jeffrey Knutson, Jared Jacang Maher, Life and Limb: Skateboarders Write from the Deep End
    15. : page 107
    16. :: He bent down slowly and got so close to my face, I could see the lines in his glossy, unchapped lips and the stubbled hairs in the crack of his butt-chin.
    17. : page 123
    18. :: And I told him everything; his perfect teeth glistened, a dimple flattered his flawless butt-chin.
    19. 2004, Hailey Abbot, Summer Boys, page 79
    20. : "I guess he does have a butt chin."
    21. 1995, John Sandford, Night Prey

  • : He had a chin on him, a butt-chin, with a dimple in it.


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