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Inter: en-noun » head=butt monkey
  • Inter: slan » g An annoying and irksome person.
    1. 1994, Mike Judge, Beavis and Butt-Head
    2. : Beavis: Butt-munch / Monkey Spank / Dillweed / Turd wipe / Dumbass / Butt Monkey
    3. : Butt-Head: Chode / Waste of Bum Wipe / Dillhole / Fartknocker / Dumb Beavis / Butt-Head, no wait
    4. 2000 October 13, Edward Hancock II, Splintered Souls, page 90, Xlibris Corporation
    5. : You have my promise that everything in our power will be done to catch this psycho butt monkey, but...I just don’t think you could distance yourself from this level of personal involvement.
    6. 2001 March, "The Butt Monkey", Adopt-A-Pet of Victoria, Texas []
    7. : Uh-oh, Butt Monkey alert
    8. 2002 May 9, "i sic. know theres no great plan here...", Meagans Journal'' []
    9. : eric decided to be a butt monkey and start shit about cory.
    10. 2006 January 29, "Achtung! Where are your papers?", Picks Commentary []
    11. : Butt Monkey, you didn't tell congress sic. you were going to spy on everyone.
    12. 2006 April 19, 'And let the Church say, "AMEN!"', Defiance []
    13. : I was pontificating on the ecstasy of the prospect of not having to listen to the butt monkey fumble and stammer through another round of explanation for the unexplainable.
    14. 2006 May 15, Fan-Bloody-Tastic, Insanity Reigns Supreme []
    15. : Some bloody butt-monkey rear-ends me.
    16. Inter: slan » g An object of abuse and ridicule.
    17. 2000 September 26, Marti Noxon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 5, Episode 79: “Buffy vs. Dracula”
    18. : Xander: I'm sick of being the guy who eats insects and gets the funny syphilis.... I'm finished being everybody's butt monkey!
    19. 2006 February 6, "I don't think they should execute terrorists", First and Last and Always []
    20. : they can while away their time being Bubba's butt monkey for the next 50 years.
    21. 2006 March 25, "Issue #16 Review. Not.", Legion Abstract []
    22. : I'm getting pretty tired of being the comic book industry's butt-monkey.
    23. 2006 April 27, "Work worries and a quote", Worlds Easiest Quiz''[]
    24. : But being at butt monkey status means that I don't have a voice to express my displeasure.
    25. 2006 May 5, "In defence of the Beta Male", DAYS of the INSANE []
    26. : Con's about as far from the standard Alpha as he could get--he's the Unseelie sic. butt-monkey
    27. 2006 May 14, "Karma gives me a handjob", Pissing and Moaning []
    28. : Don't do wrong to others and it should come back to you tenfold. OK, so there are several years that I was Karma's butt-monkey for not obeying that simple rule.


      * 1993 May 18, Martin J Hannigan, "I LIKE YOUR NEW ORGANIZATION BUNG BOY", talk.bizarre, Usenet

  • : I still prefer Butt Monkey User Group myself.
  • 1993 July 8-9, "Insecure faggots.": "Butt monkeys",, Usenet
  • :"ad980": the autopsy has concluded that indeed, the monkey did have a banana shoved up his butt
  • : Kevin Walsh: All this talk about butt monkeys makes me wonder if you see yourself as the organ grinder.
  • :"ad980": Oddly enough, the butt monkey in question is you.