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Alternative forms

* Inter: l » ga|cómhnaidhe Inter: qualifier » obsolete


From Inter: etyl » sga|ga Inter: term » cómnaide. Compare Scottish Gaelic Inter: l » gd|còmhnaidh.


* Inter: a » Munster Inter: IPA » koːˈn̪ˠiː|lang=ga
  • Inter: a » Connacht Inter: IPA » ˈkoːn̪ˠiː|lang=ga
  • Inter: a » Ulster Inter: IPA » ˈkɔːn̪ˠi|lang=ga


    Inter: ga-noun » cónaí|cónaithe|g=m|sort=conai

  • home, residence, abode
    1. dwelling, domicile
    2. resting place
    3. Inter: verbal noun of » cónaigh|lang=ga
    4. : Inter: usex » Tá mé i mo chónaí i mBaile Átha Cliath.|t=I live in Dublin.|lang=ga|inline=1
    5. Inter: quote-book » year=1906|author=E. C. Quiggin |title=Category: s - :A Dialect of Donegal|A Dialect of Donegal: Being the Speech of Meenawannia in the Parish of Glenties |chapter=Category: oldwikisource - :Áindrías an Ime|Áindrías an Ime |page=196
    6. : Bhí Áindrías an Ime na chomhnaidhe i mBaile ui Mún i nGleann an Bhaile Dhuibh.
    7. :: Áindrías of the Butter lived in Ballymoon in Gleann an Bhaile Dhuibh.


      Inter: ga-decl-m5 » c|ónaí|ónaithe|ónaithe

      Derived terms

      * Inter: l » ga|i gcónaí

      Related terms

      * Inter: l » ga|cónaigh


      Inter: ga mut cons » c|ónaí

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