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Alternative forms

* cackle bladder


Inter: en-noun » head=cackle-bladder
  1. A bladder containing chicken blood, used by a con man to fake someone's death or injury.
  2. 1975, Anthony Greenbank, Survival in the City, page 198,
  3. : Use a cackle bladder to bite on and spit blood whether faced with a gang or a single assailant. This is often enough to dissuade would-be aggressors Inter: .. » ..
  4. Inter: uncountabl » e A method of making the mark think that he is an accessory to murder by faking someone's death in this manner.
  5. 1951 June 16, Racket Squad (television review), in Category: w - :Billboard (magazine)|The Billboard, page 8,
  6. : It tells you how they work on the mark's own larcenous cravings for a killing, how they build him up to betting his entire stake — and then "put the chill on" via the "cackle bladder" routine, a prop murder, so named because originally the "corpse" bit on a chicken bladder and drenched himself in chicken blood.
  7. 1981, James Sherburne, Deaths Gray Angel: A Paddy Moretti Mystery'', page 39,
  8. : It's a trick con men call the cackle-bladder. You take a little bag made from a pig's bladder and fill it up with chicken blood, and keep it inside your mouth until it's time to play dead.
  9. 2002, Category: w - :Judith Ivory|Judith Ivory, Untie My Heart, page 141,
  10. : "A cackle-bladder," she murmured.
  11. : "A what?"

  • : "It's a way to deal with the violent ones. You make them party to the consequences of violence, make them believe they've murdered someone."