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Any of several species of S. Amer. rodents constituting the family Caviidae. Species in the genera Cavia, Kerodon, Galea, and Microcavia resemble the guinea pig. They are stout, gray or brown, and 10-12 in. (25-30 cm) long, with short ears and legs and no visible tail. The Patagonian and salt desert cavies (Dolichotis) are more long-legged and rabbitlike. Cavies are social animals found in various habitats, incl. plains, marshes, and rocky areas. They live in burrows (which sometimes weaken the ground above so much that it collapses when walked on), and they feed on grass, leaves, and other vegetation.

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Cavy \Ca"vy\, n.; pl. {Cavies}. [NL. cavia, fr. Brazilian
cabiai: cf. F. cabiai.] (Zo["o]l.)
A rodent of the genera {Cavia} and {Dolichotis}, as the
guinea pig ({Cavia cobaya}). Cavies are natives of South

{Water cavy} (Zo["o]l.), The capybara.

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n : short-tailed rough-haired South American rodent

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From obsolete Inter: etyl » pt Inter: term » çavia|lang=pt||the spiny rat, Makalata armate, Echimys armata (> modern Inter: term » sauiá|lang=pt), from Inter: etyl » tpw Inter: term » saujá|lang=tpw


* Inter: rhymes » eɪvi


Inter: en-noun » cavies
  • A guinea pig.


    Inter: trans-see » guinea pig

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