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Cedar \Ce"dar\, n. [AS. ceder, fr. L. cedrus, Gr. ?.] (Bot.)
The name of several evergreen trees. The wood is remarkable
for its durability and fragrant odor.

Note: The cedar of Lebanon is the Cedrus Libani; the white
cedar ({Cupressus thyoides}) is now called
{Cham[oe]cyparis sph[ae]roidea}; American red cedar is
the {Juniperus Virginiana}; Spanish cedar, the West
Indian {Cedrela odorata}. Many other trees with
odoriferous wood are locally called cedar.

{Cedar bird} (Zo["o]l.), a species of chatterer ({Ampelis
cedrarum}), so named from its frequenting cedar trees; --
called also {cherry bird}, {Canada robin}, and {American

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Chatterer \Chat"ter*er\, n.
1. A prater; an idle talker.

2. (Zo["o]l.) A bird of the family {Ampelid[ae]} -- so called
from its monotonous note. The {Bohemion chatterer}
({Ampelis garrulus}) inhabits the arctic regions of both
continents. In America the {cedar bird} is a more common
species. See {Bohemian chatterer}, and {Cedar bird}.