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In geometry, the center of mass of a two-dimensional figure or three-dimensional solid. Thus the centroid of a two-dimensional figure represents the point at which it could be balanced if it were cut out of, for example, sheet metal. The centroid of a circle or sphere is its center. More generally, the centroid represents the point designated by the mean (see mean, median, and mode) of the coordinates of all the points in a set. If the boundary is irregular, finding the mean requires using calculus (the most general formula for the centroid involves an integral).

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Centroid \Cen"troid\, n. [L. centrum + -oid.]
The center of mass, inertia, or gravity of a body or system
of bodies.

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n : the center of mass of an object of uniform density

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  • Inter: context » mathematics|physics The point at the centre of any shape, sometimes called centre of area or centre of volume. For a triangle, the centroid is the point at which the medians intersect. The co-ordinates of the centroid are the average (arithmetic mean) of the co-ordinates of all the points of the shape. For a shape of uniform density, the centroid coincides with the centre of mass which is also the centre of gravity in a uniform gravitational field.

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