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Species of agave (Agave americana), of Mexico and the SW U.S. It takes many years (from five to 100) to mature, flowers only once, and then dies. It is widely cultivated for its large spiny leaves and enormous flower cluster, and may reach 20 ft (6 m) in height. Century plants provide the distinctive ingredient for the alcoholic drinks pulque and mescal.

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Century \Cen"tu*ry\, n.; pl. {Centuries}. [L. centuria (in
senses 1 & 3), fr. centum a hundred: cf. F. centurie. See
1. A hundred; as, a century of sonnets; an aggregate of a
hundred things. [Archaic.]

And on it said a century of prayers. --Shak.

2. A period of a hundred years; as, this event took place
over two centuries ago.

Note: Century, in the reckoning of time, although often used
in a general way of any series of hundred consecutive
years (as, a century of temperance work), usually
signifies a division of the Christian era, consisting
of a period of one hundred years ending with the
hundredth year from which it is named; as, the first
century ({a}. {d}. 1-100 inclusive); the seventh
century ({a}.{d}. 601-700); the eighteenth century
({a}.{d}. 1701-1800). With words or phrases connecting
it with some other system of chronology it is used of
similar division of those eras; as, the first century
of Rome (A.U.C. 1-100).

3. (Rom. Antiq.)
(a) A division of the Roman people formed according to
their property, for the purpose of voting for civil
(b) One of sixty companies into which a legion of the army
was divided. It was Commanded by a centurion.

{Century plant} (Bot.), the {Agave Americana}, formerly
supposed to flower but once in a century; -- hence the
name. See {Agave}.

{The Magdeburg Centuries}, an ecclesiastical history of the
first thirteen centuries, arranged in thirteen volumes,
compiled in the 16th century by Protestant scholars at

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century plant
n : tropical American plants with basal rosettes of fibrous
sword-shaped leaves and flowers in tall spikes; some
cultivated for ornament or for fiber [syn: {agave}, {American

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So named because the plant may live for several decades before producing flowers. Once a plant flowers and produces seeds, it dies.


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  • An agave (Agave americana) originally from Mexico but cultivated worldwide.


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    • Bulgarian: Inter: t- » bg|агава, Inter: t- » bg|столетник

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    * American aloe, maguey
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