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Any of various large cacti (genus Cereus and related genera) of the W U.S. and tropical New World, incl. the saguaro and the organ-pipe cactus (Lemairocereus thurberi, also L. marginatus or C. thurberi). The genus Selenicereus (night-blooming cereus, or moon cactus), containing about 20 species, is known for its large, usually fragrant, night-blooming white flowers, among the largest in the cactus family. The queen-of-the-night (S. grandiflorus), the best-known night-blooming cereus, is often grown indoors.

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Cereus \Ce"re*us\, n. [L., a wax candle, fr. cera wax. So named
from the resemblance of one species to the columnar shape of
a wax candle.] (Bot.)
A genus of plants of the Cactus family. They are natives of
America, from California to Chili.

Note: Although several species flower in the night, the name
Night-blooming cereus is specially applied to the
{Cereus grandiflorus}, which is cultivated for its
beautiful, shortlived flowers. The {Cereus giganteus},
whose columnar trunk is sometimes sixty feet in height,
is a striking feature of the scenery of New Mexico,
Texas, etc.

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n : genus of much-branched treelike or shrubby cacti with
pronounced ribs and rounded needlelike spines and
nocturnal flowers usually white [syn: {genus Cereus}]

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  • Any of the genus Inter: taxlink » Cereus|genus of plants of the cactus family, natives to the Americas, from California to Chile.


    * ceruse, Creuse, recuse, rescue, Rescue, secuer, secure

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    Etymology 1

    From Inter: term » cera|cēra|wax|lang=la.


    Inter: la-adj-1&2 » cēreus|cerea|cērea|cereum|cēreum
  • Of wax, waxen.
    1. Of the colour of wax.
    2. Of the properties of wax; soft, pliant.
    3. Inter: figurativel » y Easily moved, swayed or persuaded.
      Inter: la-decl-1&2 » cere|cēre
      Derived terms
      * cēreolus
      * Italian: cereo

      Etymology 2

      Substantive from Inter: term » cereus|cēreus|waxen|lang=la.


      Inter: la-noun » cēreus|cerei|cēreī|m|second

  • A wax taper or light, particularly those that were brought by clients to their patrons as presents at the time of the Saturnalia.
    Inter: la-decl-2nd » cere|cēre

    Related terms

    Inter: top » 3
    • cēra
    • cērarius
    • cērātum

    Inter: mid » 3
  • cērātūra
  • cērificō
  • cērō

  • Inter: mid » 3
    • cērōferārius
    • cērōsus
    • cērula

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  • French: Inter: l » fr|cierge
  • Dalmatian: Inter: l » dlm|cir
  • Italian: Inter: l » it|cero

  • Inter: mid » 2
    • Portugues: Inter: l » pt|céreo, Inter: l » pt|círio
    • Sardinian: Inter: l » sro|chíriu
    • Spanish: Inter: l » es|céreo, Inter: l » es|cirio

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