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coined by Bunsen and Kirchhoff in 1860, from L. caesius "blue-gray," in reference to the two blue lines in its spectrum. ///

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n the American spelling of caesium//

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Chemical element, one of the alkali metals, chemical symbol Cs, atomic number 55. The first element discovered by spectroscopy (1860), it is silvery white, liquid at warm room temperature (melting at 83° F, or 28.4° C), and very soft when solid. About half as abundant as lead, it occurs in minute quantities as ores. It reacts explosively with cold water and is used to scavenge traces of oxygen and other gases in electron tubes. Other uses are as a catalyst and in photoelectric cells, ion propulsion systems, atomic clocks, and plasma for thermoelectric conversion. Cesium salts have various specialty applications, incl. in mineral waters.

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t [akreːdiːtiːrt]

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cesium [sezijɵm]

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n : a soft silver-white ductile metallic element (liquid at
normal temperatures); the most electropositive and
alkaline metal [syn: {caesium}, {Cs}, {atomic number 55}]

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Inter: also » césium



Inter: en-noun » -
  • Inter: U » S Inter: alternative spelling of » caesium

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    * miscue
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    Category: Category:en:Chemical elements -


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    * Inter: IPA » /tsɛːzɪjʊm/|lang=cs


    Inter: cs-noun » g=n
  • caesium, Inter: l » en|cesium

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    Inter: elements » Cs|xenon|Xe|barium|Ba|lang=nl


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    Inter: nl-noun » n|-|-
  • Inter: l » en|caesium, Inter: l » en|cesium

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    * Inter: IPA » /ˈse̞ːsium/|lang=fi


    Inter: fi-nou » n
  • Inter: l » en|caesium, Inter: l » en|cesium


    Inter: fi-decl-tuoli » cesium|nopl=1|i=0

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    Inter: head » no|noun
  • caesium, Inter: l » en|cesium

  • Category: Category:no:Chemical elements -



    * Inter: IPA » /ˈseːsɪɵm/|lang=sv


    Inter: sv-noun » g=n
  • caesium, Inter: l » en|cesium


    Inter: sv-noun-unc-irreg-n » 2=cesiumet

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    * Inter: IPA » lang=fr|/se.zjɔm/
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  • cesium

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