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"kind of beetle," O.E. ceafor, from P.Gmc. *kafroz-, from a stem meaning "to gnaw." ///

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Any of several species of scarab beetle (most in the subfamily Melolonthinae). Adult leaf chafers (genus Macrodactylus) eat foliage; the female deposits her eggs in the soil, and the larvae live underground for years, feeding on plant roots. The well-known rose chafer, a tan, long-legged beetle, feeds on the flowers and foliage of grapes, roses, and other plants. Poultry that eat rose-chafer grubs may be poisoned.

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Chafer \Chaf"er\, n.
1. One who chafes.

2. A vessel for heating water; -- hence, a dish or pan.

A chafer of water to cool the ends of the irons.

Chafer \Chaf"er\, n. [AS. ceafor; akin to D. kever, G k["e]fer.]
A kind of beetle; the cockchafer. The name is also applied to
other species; as, the rose chafer.

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Cockchafer \Cock"chaf`er\, n. [See {Chafer} the beetle.]
A beetle of the genus {Melolontha} (esp. {M. vulgaris}) and
allied genera; -- called also {May bug}, {chafer}, or

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Cognate with German Käfer


Inter: en-nou » n
  • Any of several scarab beetles, including the cockchafer, leaf chafer and rose chafer


    * Fráech

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