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Sulfide mineral, Cu2S, that may be an important ore of copper. It belongs to a group of sulfide minerals formed at relatively low temperatures. Chalcocite alters to native copper and other copper minerals. Valuable deposits occur in Nevada and Arizona, where other components of the original rock have been dissolved away; chalcocite is also found with bornite in sulfide veins in Montana and Namibia.

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Chalcocite \Chal"co*cite\, n. [Gr. chalko`s brass.] (Min.)
Native copper sulphide, called also {copper glance}, and
{vitreous copper}; a mineral of a black color and metallic
luster. [Formerly written {chalcosine}.]

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n : a heavy gray mineral that is an ore of copper [syn: {copper

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  • Inter: minera » l Cuprous sulphide, Cu2S, an important ore of copper.

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