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c.1440, "gaping void," from L. chaos, from Gk. khaos "abyss, that which gapes wide open, is vast and empty," from *khnwos, from PIE base *gheu-, *gh(e)i- "to gape" (cf. Gk khaino "I yawn," O.E. ginian, O.N. ginnunga-gap; see yawn). Meaning "utter confusion" (1606) is extended from theological use of chaos for "the void at the beginning of creation" in Vulgate version of Genesis. The Gk. for "disorder" was tarakhe, however the use of chaos here was rooted in Hesiod ("Theogony"), who describes khaos as the primeval emptiness of the Universe, begetter of Erebus and Nyx ("Night"), and in Ovid ("Metamorphoses"), who opposes Khaos to Kosmos, "the ordered Universe." Chaotic is from 1713. ///

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n [U] [Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: Greek]//
1 a situation in which everything is happening in a confused way and nothing is organized or arranged in order: --The country was plunged into economic chaos.// complete/utter/absolute etc chaos // --There was total chaos on the roads.// in chaos// --The kitchen was in chaos.//
2 the state of the universe before there was any order:

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endent/Device Adapter, Mediated Digest Authentication, Merci d'avance (Slang), Monochrome Display

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nym [file nam

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bedlam, chaos

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chaos, tangle

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Replacement of Gnus with gnus-mime for SEMI. Chaos is the latest branch of normally Semi-gnus. Semi-gnus is a replacement of Gnus with gnus-mime for SEMI. It has all features of Gnus and gnus-mime, so there are no need to install Gnus to use it, and you must not use gnus-mime for SEMI. It requires SEMI package, so please get and install SEMI package before to install it. Chaos is one of Semi-gnus variants. Now, "Semi-gnus" is generic name of Gnus for SEMI. From Debian 3.0r0 APT

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In Greek cosmology, either the primeval emptiness before things came into being or the abyss of Tartarus, the underworld. In Hesiod's Theogony, there was first Chaos, then Gaea and Eros. The offspring of Chaos were Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night). Ovid gave Chaos its modern meaning: the original formless and disordered mass from which the ordered universe is created. The early church fathers applied this interpretation to the creation story in Genesis.

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161 Moby Thesaurus words for "chaos":
agitation, aloofness, amorphia, amorphism, amorphousness,
anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarchy, antinomianism,
astronomical unit, bedlam, befuddlement, bewilderment, blurriness,
bluster, bother, botheration, brawl, broil, brouhaha, cacophony,
celestial spaces, cloud, commotion, confusion, cosmic space,
criminal syndicalism, daze, diffusion, discombobulation,
discomfiture, discomposure, disconcertion, discontinuity,
discreteness, disjunction, dislocation, disorder, disorderliness,
disorganization, disorientation, dispersal, dispersion, disruption,
dissolution, disturbance, ebullition, embarrassment, embroilment,
empty space, entropy, ether space, fabulous formless darkness,
fanaticism, ferment, flap, flummox, flurry, fluster, flutter, fog,
fomentation, foofaraw, formlessness, foul-up, frenzy, fuddle,
fuddlement, fume, furor, furore, fury, fuss, fuzziness, hassle,
haze, haziness, hubbub, incoherence, inconsistency, indecisiveness,
indefiniteness, indeterminateness, interstellar space, jumble,
lawlessness, license, light-year, lynch law, maze, mess, messiness,
metagalactic space, misrule, mist, mistiness, mix-up, mob law,
mob rule, mobocracy, morass, muddle, muddlement, nihilism,
nonadhesion, noncohesion, obscurity, ocean of emptiness,
ochlocracy, orderlessness, outer space, pandemonium, parsec,
passion, perplexity, perturbation, pother, pressureless space,
primal chaos, pucker, racket, rage, rebellion, revolution, row,
ruckus, ruffle, rumpus, scattering, screw-up, separateness,
shapelessness, shuffle, snafu, space, stew, storminess, sweat,
swivet, syndicalism, tempestuousness, the void, the void above,
tizzy, tohubohu, tumult, tumultuousness, turbulence, turmoil,
unadherence, unadhesiveness, unclearness, unruliness, unsettlement,
untenacity, uproar, upset, vagueness, wildness, zeal,

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t, otiose,

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Chaos [kaːɔs]nsn

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egigkeit [apveːgiçkait]nsf

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chaos [xaɔs]
chaos, tangle

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[U] a state of complete confusion and disorder:
economic / political / domestic chaos * Heavy snow has caused total chaos on the roads. * The house was in chaos after the party. * The country was thrown / plunged into chaos by the President's death.

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Chaos \Cha"os\ (k[=a]"[o^]s), n. [L. chaos chaos (in senses 1 &
2), Gr. cha`os, fr. cha`inein (root cha) to yawn, to gape, to
open widely. Cf. {Chasm}.]
1. An empty, immeasurable space; a yawning chasm. [Archaic]

Between us and there is fixed a great chaos. --Luke
xvi. 26

2. The confused, unorganized condition or mass of matter
before the creation of distinct and orderly forms.

3. Any confused or disordered collection or state of things;
a confused mixture; confusion; disorder.

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n 1: a state of extreme confusion and disorder [syn: {pandemonium},
{bedlam}, {topsy-turvydom}, {topsy-turvyness}]
2: the formless and disordered state of matter before the
creation of the cosmos
3: (Greek mythology) the most ancient of gods; the
personification of the infinity of space preceding
creation of the universe
4: (physics) a dynamical system that is extremely sensitive to
its initial conditions

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Borrowed from Inter: etyl » grc|en Inter: term » χάος||vast chasm, void|tr=khaos|lang=grc|sc=polytonic
In Early Modern English used in the sense of the original Greek word. In the meaning primordial matter from the 16th century. Figurative usage in the sense "confusion, disorder" from the 17th century. The technical sense in mathematics and science dates to the 1960s.


* Inter: IPA » /ˈkeɪ.ɒs/, Inter: X-SAMPA » /keIQs/
  • Inter: audio » en-us-chaos.ogg|Audio (US)
  • Inter: rhymes » eɪɒs


    Inter: en-noun » -|es

  • Inter: obsolet » e A vast chasm or abyss.
    1. The unordered state of matter in classical accounts of cosmogony
    2. Any state of disorder, any confused or amorphous mixture or conglomeration.
    3. Inter: quote-book » title=Adam, the Baby, and the Man from Mars‎|page=54|author=Irwin Edman|year=1977|passage=or out of these chaoses order may be made, out of this ferment a clear wine of life. There are chaoses that have gone too far for retrieval
    4. Inter: obsolete » rare A given medium; a space in which something exists or lives; an environment.
    5. 1621, Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy, II.ii.3:
    6. : What is the centre of the earth? is it pure element only, as Aristotle decrees, inhabited (as Paracelsus thinks) with creatures whose chaos is the earth: or with fairies, as the woods and waters (according to him) are with nymphs, or as the air with spirits?
    7. Inter: mathematic » s Behaviour of iterative non-linear systems in which arbitrarily small variations in initial conditions become magnified over time.
    8. Inter: fantas » y One of the two metaphysical forces of the world in some fantasy settings, as opposed to law.


      * See Category: Wikisaurus:disorder -


      * Inter: sense » classical cosmogony cosmos

  • Inter: sense » state of disorder order

    Derived terms

    Inter: rel-top » terms derived from chaos
  • chaos theory
  • chaotic

  • Inter: rel-mi » d
    • controlled chaos

    Inter: rel-botto » m


    Inter: trans-top » in classical cosmogony
  • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|χάος|n|tr=cháos|sc=Grek
  • Japanese: Inter: t- » ja|混沌|tr=こんとん, konton|sc=Jpan

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|хаос|m|tr=xáos, xaós|sc=Cyrl
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|caos

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » state of disorder
    • Albanian: Inter: t- » sq|kaos|m
    • Arabic: Inter: t- » ar|فوضى|f|tr=fawDaa|sc=Arab
    • Armenian: Inter: t- » hy|քաոս|tr=k'aos|sc=Armn
    • Azeri: Inter: t- » az|hərc-mərclik
    • Belarusian: Inter: t- » be|хаос|m|tr=xaós|sc=Cyrl, Inter: t- » be|хаас|m|tr=xáas|sc=Cyrl
    • Bulgarian: Inter: t+ » bg|хаос|m|tr=chaos|sc=Cyrl, Inter: t+ » bg|безредие|n|tr=bezredie|sc=Cyrl
    • Catalan: Inter: t- » ca|caos|m
    • Chinese:
    • : Mandarin: Inter: t » cmn|混沌|tr=hùndùn|sc=Hani, Inter: t » cmn|混亂|sc=Hani, Inter: t » cmn|混乱|tr=hùnluàn|sc=Hani, Inter: t » cmn|渾沌|sc=Hani, Inter: t » cmn|浑沌|tr=húndùn|sc=Hani
    • Danish: Inter: t- » da|kaos|n
    • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|chaos|m
    • Esperanto: Inter: t- » eo|ĥaoso, Inter: t- » eo|kaoso
    • Estonian: Inter: t- » et|kaos
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|kaaos, Inter: t- » fi|epäjärjestys, Inter: t+ » fi|sekasorto
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|chaos|m
    • Galician: Inter: t+ » gl|caos|m
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Unordnung|f, Inter: t+ » de|Chaos|n
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|χάος|n|tr=cháos|sc=Grek
    • Hebrew: Inter: t- » he|תוהו|tr=tóhu|sc=Hebr, Inter: t- » he|תוהו ובוהו|tr=tóhu vavóhu|sc=Hebr, Inter: t+ » he|כאוס|tr=kéos|sc=Hebr
    • Hungarian: Inter: t+ » hu|káosz

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Icelandic: Inter: t- » is|ringulreið|f
  • Ido: Inter: t+ » io|kaoso
  • Indonesian: Inter: t+ » id|kekacauan, Inter: t+ » id|prahara
  • Interlingua: Inter: t- » ia|chaos
  • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|caos|m
  • Japanese: Inter: t+ » ja|混乱|tr=こんらん, konran|sc=Jpan, Inter: t- » ja|無秩序|tr=むちつじょ, muchitsujo|sc=Jpan, Inter: t- » ja|混沌|tr=こんとん, konton|sc=Jpan
  • Korean: Inter: t+ » ko|혼돈|tr=hondon|sc=Hang (Inter: t+ » ko|混沌|sc=Kore)
  • Latvian: Inter: t- » lv|haoss|m
  • Lithuanian: Inter: t- » lt|chaosas|m
  • Polish: Inter: t+ » pl|chaos|m
  • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|caos|m
  • Romanian: Inter: t- » ro|haos|n
  • Romansch: Inter: t- » rm|caos|m
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|хаос|m|tr=xáos, xaós|sc=Cyrl, Inter: t+ » ru|беспорядок|m|tr=besporjádok|sc=Cyrl
  • Serbo-Croatian:
  • : Cyrillic: Inter: qualifier » Bosnian, Serbian Inter: t- » sh|хаос|m|sc=Cyrl, Inter: qualifier » Croatian Inter: t- » sh|каос|m|sc=Cyrl
  • : Roman: Inter: qualifier » Bosnian, Serbian Inter: t- » sh|haos|m, Inter: qualifier » Croatian Inter: t- » sh|kaos|m
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|caos
  • Swahili: Inter: t- » sw|kesheshe
  • Swedish: Inter: t+ » sv|kaos|n
  • Ukrainian: Inter: t- » uk|хаос|m|tr=xaós|sc=Cyrl
  • Vietnamese: Inter: t+ » vi|hỗn loạn (Inter: t- » vi|混亂)

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » mathematics
    • Bulgarian: Inter: t+ » bg|хаос|m|tr=chaos|sc=Cyrl
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|χάος|n|tr=chàos|sc=Grek

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Japanese: Inter: t- » ja|カオス|tr=kaosu
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|хаос|m|tr=xáos, xaós|sc=Cyrl

  • Inter: trans-botto » m

    See also

    * entropy
    • discord
    • capricious



    Inter: nl-noun » m|-|-
  • chaos


    * wanorde, onorde

    Derived terms

    * chaotisch

  • French


    Borrowed from Inter: etyl » la|fr Inter: term » chaos|lang=la, from Inter: etyl » grc|fr Inter: term » χάος|lang=grc.


    * Inter: IPA » /kao/|lang=fr
    • Inter: audio » Fr-chaos.ogg|Audio


      Inter: fr-noun-unc » m

  • chaos

  • Polish


    From Inter: etyl » grc|pl Inter: term » χάος||vast chasm, void|tr=khaos|lang=grc|sc=polytonic


    * Inter: IPA » /ˈxaɔs̪/|lang=pl
    • Inter: audio » Pl-chaos.ogg|Audio


      Inter: head » pl|noun|g=m

  • chaos


    Inter: pl-decl-noun-sing »

  • |chaos

    Derived terms

    * chaotyczny
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    Inter: rfe » lang=mul

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » mul|proper noun
    Inter: head » mul|proper noun
  • Inter: taxon » genus|family|Amoebidae|several very large amoebae

  • German

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    Inter: de-noun » n|Chaos|-
  • chaos

    Derived terms

    * Chaot, chaotisch

  • Latin

    Proper noun

    Inter: la-noun » Chaos|Chai|Chaī|m|second
  • Hell, the Underworld
    1. the shapeless primordial universe


      Inter: la-decl-2nd-Greek » Cha

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    Inter: en-noun » -
  • Inter: initialism of » congenital high airway obstruction syndrome
  • Inter: slan » g Inter: initialism of » can't have anyone over syndrome