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n plural charges d'affaires (same pronunciation) [C] // [Date: 1700-1800; Language: French; Origin: 'person given responsibility for affairs']// an official who represents a particular government during the absence of an ambassador or in a country where there is no ambassador//

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(from French)
1 an official who takes the place of an AMBASSADOR in a foreign country when he or she is away
2 an official below the rank of AMBASSADOR who acts as the senior representative of his or her country in a foreign country where there is no AMBASSADOR

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charge d'affaires
n : the official temporarily in charge of a diplomatic mission
in the absence of the ambassador

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From Inter: etyl » fr; literally "one charged with matters".


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  • A diplomat, ranking below an ambassador, who heads a diplomatic mission when no ambassador is present, either temporarily (in the interim between the departure of one ambassador and the accreditation of another) or for an extended time.


    * Khmer: ភារធារី (phea reak thea ri)

    Related terms

    * chargée d'affaires (if the diplomat is female)

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