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Cellular Mobile Telephone, Connection Management

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ing SystemNon Governmental OrganizationNon Government StandardNext Generation Windows ServicesNext Hop Routing/

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Computer Music Toolkit (cmt) a collection of LADSPA plugins cmt -- Computer Music Toolkit -- is a collection of LADSPA compatible plugins that any conforming program may take advantage of. Plugins available are: low/high pass filters, echo/feedback delay filters with configurable delays from 0.01 to 60 seconds, amplifies, white noise generators, compresspors, expanders, limiters, b/fmh encoders, drum synthesizers and many more These plugins are only usable in host applications, of which glame, sweep and others can be found in Debian. For further information on cmt see <URL:> From Debian 3.0r0 APT

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  • Inter: business » healthcare Inter: initialism of » Certified Massage Therapist
    1. Inter: business » Siemens Inter: initialism of » Communication, Media and Technology
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      * MCT, MTC, TCM

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