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Inter: etyl » la|gl Inter: term » cognoscere|cognōscere|lang=la, present active infinitive of Inter: term » cognosco|cognōscō|lang=la


Inter: rfp » lang=gl


Inter: gl-verb » coñec|er|pres=coñezo
  • to know; to be familiar with, be acquainted with
    1. Inter: conjugation of » coñecer||1|s|personal|inf
    2. Inter: conjugation of » coñecer||3|s|personal|inf

      Usage notes

      Like Portuguese and Spanish, Galician has two different verbs that are usually translated to English as “to know”. The verb Inter: term » saber|lang=gl relates to factual knowledge and skills. In contrast, the verb coñecer relates to familiarity with people or places.


      Inter: gl-conj-cer » coñec|coñez

      Related terms

      * recoñecer

      See also

      * saber

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    Translation: gl » coñecer