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n [U] a type of mental illness caused by the terrible experiences of fighting in a war or battle // post-traumatic stress disorder// --These treatment methods enabled 80 percent of combat-fatigue-affected troops to return to duty. //

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44 Moby Thesaurus words for "combat fatigue":
accident neurosis, anaphylactic shock, anxiety hysteria,
anxiety neurosis, association neurosis, battle fatigue,
blast neurosis, compensation neurosis, compulsion neurosis,
conversion hysteria, conversion neurosis, expectation neurosis,
fixation neurosis, fright neurosis, homosexual neurosis,
hypochondria, hypochondriasis, hypoglycemic shock, hysteria,
mental shock, neurogenic shock, neurosis, neuroticism,
obsessional neurosis, occupational neurosis, pathoneurosis, phobia,
protein shock, psychasthenia, psychoneurosis,
psychoneurotic disorder, psychopathia martialis,
regression neurosis, secondary shock, serum shock, shell shock,
shock, situational neurosis, surgical shock, thanatosis, trauma,
traumatism, war neurosis, wound shock

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combat fatigue
n : a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare [syn: {battle
fatigue}, {combat neurosis}, {shell shock}]

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Inter: also » combat fatigues



Inter: en-noun » -|head=combat fatigue
  • A psychiatric condition characterized by fatigue caused by battle.


    * shell shock

    See also

    * post-traumatic stress disorder
  • PTSD