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* Possibly from the phrase Inter: term » neck and crop, in which Inter: term » crop may refer to the backside of a horse.


Inter: en-verb » head=come a cropper|comes a cropper|coming a cropper|came a cropper
  • Inter: archai » c To fall headlong from a horse.
    1. Inter: British » idiomatic To suffer some misfortune; to fail.
    2. 1879, Category: w - :Anthony Trollope|Anthony Trollope, The Dukes Children'', ch. 67:
    3. : I should feel certain that I should come a cropper, but still I'd try it. As you say, a fellow should try.
    4. 1922, Category: w - :Katherine Mansfield|Katherine Mansfield, At The Bay, []:
    5. : You couldn't help feeling he'd be caught out one day, and then what an almighty 'cropper hed come'''!

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      * neck and crop


      * Inter: R:BB » S

    Translation: et » come a cropper