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71 Moby Thesaurus words for "come down":
alight, be found, be met with, be realized, befall, betide,
cascade, cataract, collapse, come, come about, come in, come off,
come to pass, come true, crash, crash-land, decline, degenerate,
descend, deteriorate, dip down, ditch, down, downwind, drop,
drop down, drop off, eventuate, fall, fall down, fall off, go down,
go downhill, go off, go to pot, gravitate, hap, happen,
have a comedown, hit rock bottom, land, level off, light,
lose altitude, occur, overshoot, pancake, parachute, pass,
pass off, pitch, plummet, plunge, pounce, pour down, precipitate,
rain, reach the depths, settle down, sink, slip, stoop, swoop,
take place, talk down, touch bottom, touch down, transpire,
trend downward, upwind

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come down
v 1: move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way;
"The temperature is going down"; "The barometer is
falling"; "The curtain fell on the diva"; "Her hand went
up and then fell again" [syn: {descend}, {fall}, {go
down}] [ant: {rise}, {ascend}]
2: be the essential element; "The proposal boils down to a
compromise" [syn: {reduce}, {boil down}]
3: fall from clouds; "rain, snow and sleet were falling";
"Vesuvius precipitated its fiery, destructive rage on
Herculaneum" [syn: {precipitate}, {fall}]
4: get sick; "She fell sick last Friday, and now she is in the
hospital" [syn: {sicken}]
5: criticize or reprimand harshly; "The critics came down hard
on the new play"

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Inter: also » comedown|come-down



Inter: en-verb » head=come down|comes down|coming down|came down
  • To descend, fall.
    1. : Haste ye, and go up to my father, and say unto him, Thus saith thy son Joseph, God hath made me lord of all Egypt: come down unto me, tarry not. - Inter: RQ:Authorized Version » Genesis|45|9
    2. 1995, Category: w - :Ash (band)|Ash, Category: w - :Goldfinger (Ash song)|Goldfinger
    3. : I'm feeling so alive, feeling so real
    4. : On a stormy night, the rain is coming down
    5. : Rain like never before
    6. : I've got some records on, some bottles of wine
    7. : On a stormy night, the rain is lashing down
    8. : And I'm waiting for her.
    9. To decrease.
    10. : Real estate prices have come down since the peak of the boom.
    11. To reach a decision.
    12. : I cant guess which way the board will come down on the project.''
    13. To be passed through time.
    14. : Much wisdom has come down in the form of proverbs.
    15. Inter: idiomati » c To return from an elevated state of consciousness or emotion.
    16. : He finally came down from his post-bonus high.

      Derived terms

      * Inter: l » en|come down on

  • Inter: l » en|come down to
  • Inter: l » en|come down with

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