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Cong'e \Con`g['e]"\ (?; E. ?; 277), n. [F., leave, permission,
fr. L. commeatus a going back and forth, a leave of absence,
furlough, fr. commeare, -meatum, to go and come; com- + meare
to go. Cf. {Permeate}.] [Formerly written {congie}.]
1. The act of taking leave; parting ceremony; farewell; also,

Should she pay off old Briggs and give her her
cong['e]? --Thackeray.

2. The customary act of civility on any occasion; a bow or a

The captain salutes you with cong['e] profound.

3. (Arch.) An apophyge. --Gwilt.

{Cong['e] d'['e]lire}[F., leave to choose] (Eccl.), the
sovereign's license or permission to a dean and chapter to
choose as bishop the person nominated in the missive.