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89 Moby Thesaurus words for "congruous":
accordant, advantageous, advisable, affirmative, agreeable,
agreeing, answerable, appropriate, at one, becoming, befitting,
coexistent, coexisting, coherent, coincident, coinciding,
commensurate, compatible, concordant, concurring, conformable,
congenial, congruent, consentaneous, consentient, consistent,
consonant, convenient, cooperating, cooperative, correspondent,
corresponding, decent, desirable, en rapport, equivalent,
expedient, favorable, feasible, felicitous, fit, fitten, fitting,
fructuous, good, happy, harmonious, in accord, in agreement,
in rapport, in sync, in synchronization, inaccordance, inharmony,
like-minded, likely, meet, of a piece, of like mind, of one mind,
on all fours, opportune, politic, positive, profitable, proper,
proportionate, recommendable, reconcilable, right, seasonable,
seemly, self-consistent, sortable, suitable, symbiotic,
sympathetic, synchronized, synchronous, timely, to be desired,
unanimous, uniform, unisonant, unisonous, useful, well-timed, wise,

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Congruous \Con"gru*ous\, a. [L. congruus, fr. congruere to come
together, to coincide, to agree. Of uncertain origin.]
Suitable or concordant; accordant; fit; harmonious;
correspondent; consistent.

Not congruous to the nature of epic poetry. --Blair.

It is no ways congruous that God should be always
frightening men into an acknowledgment of the truth.

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adj 1: corresponding in character or kind [syn: {congruent}] [ant:
2: suitable or appropriate together

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Inter: etyl » enm, from Inter: etyl » la Inter: term » congruus|lang=la, from Inter: term » congruo|congruō|I coincide with; I agree|lang=la.


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  • Corresponding in character.
    1. Harmonious.


      * incongruous


      * congruent


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