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Conia \Co*ni"a\ (? or ?), n. [NL. See {Conium}.] (Chem.)
Same as {Conine}.

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Conine \Co"nine\ (? or ?), n. [From {Conium}.] (Chem.)
A powerful and very poisonous vegetable alkaloid found in the
hemlock ({Conium maculatum}) and extracted as a colorless
oil, {C8H17N}, of strong repulsive odor and acrid taste. It
is regarded as a derivative of piperidine and likewise of one
of the collidines. It occasions a gradual paralysis of the
motor nerves. Called also {coniine}, {coneine}, {conia}, etc.
See {Conium}, 2.

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  • Inter: conjugation of » coniare||3|s|pres|ind|lang=it
    1. Inter: conjugation of » coniare||2|s|imp|lang=it


      * acino

  • Caino
  • ciano
  • icona
  • oncia

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