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W2S3 n
1 [U] the act of creating something: creation of// --The plan should result in the creation of 2000 new jobs.// --the creation of a single European currency// --a job creation scheme//
2 [C] something that has been created: --The dress is a stunning creation in green, gold, and white.// --Most countries have systems of government that are relatively modern creations.//
3 the Creation: the act by God, according to the Bible, of making the universe, including the world and everything in it//
4 [U] literary the whole universe and all living things:

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creation, creatively

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356 Moby Thesaurus words for "creation":
A, Copernican universe, Einsteinian universe, Newtonian universe,
Ptolemaic universe, abecedarian, aboriginal, abundant, all,
all being, all creation, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-seeing,
all-wise, allness, almighty, alpha, anatomy, antenatal,
architectonics, architecture, arrangement, art object, artifact,
assembly, authentic, authorship, autochthonous, avant-garde,
beginning, birth, blast-off, blooming, boundless, bountiful,
brainchild, bric-a-brac, budding, build, building, bursting,
bursting out, casting, causal, causative, changeless, child,
classic, coinage, commencement, composition, conception,
conceptive, conceptual, concoction, conformation, constitution,
construction, constructive, contrivance, contriving, conversion,
copious, cosmos, crafting, craftsmanship, created nature,
created universe, creating, creative, creative effort, creature,
crowning achievement, cultivation, cutting edge, dawn, demiurgic,
design, devising, dispensation, distillation, edge, effect,
efformation, elaboration, elemental, elementary, embryonic,
end product, erection, esemplastic, essence, establishment,
eternal, eternally the same, everlasting, everything that is,
expanding universe, extract, extraction, exuberant, fabric,
fabrication, fashion, fashioning, fecund, fertile, fetal,
figuration, firsthand, flourishing, flying start, forging, form,
format, formation, formative, formature, forming, formulation,
foundation, foundational, frame, framing, fresh, fresh start,
fructiferous, fruit, fruitful, fundamental, generation, generative,
generous, genesis, germinal, gestatory, getup, glorious, good,
grotesque, growing, hallowed, handicraft, handiwork, harvesting,
hatching, highest, holy, ideational, ideative, imaginative,
immortal, immutable, improvisation, in embryo, in its infancy,
in the bud, inaugural, inception, inceptive, inchoate, inchoative,
incipient, incunabular, infant, infantile, infinite, ingenious,
initial, initiative, initiatory, innovational, innovative,
inspired, institution, institutive, introductory, invention,
inventive, issue, jump-off, just, kick-off, kitsch, leading edge,
limitless, loving, luxuriant, machining, macrocosm, macrocosmos,
majestic, make, makeup, making, making do, manufacture,
manufacturing, master, masterpiece, masterwork, megacosm, merciful,
metagalaxy, milling, mining, mintage, mobile, modeling, mold,
molding, morphogenesis, morphogeny, museum piece, nascent, natal,
nature, new, new departure, new mintage, notional, novel, nude,
numinous, occasional, offspring, old master, omneity, omnipotent,
omnipresent, omniscient, oncoming, one, onset, opening, opera,
opus, opuscule, organic structure, organism, organization, origin,
original, origination, originative, outbreak, outcome, outgrowth,
outset, parturient, pasticcio, pastiche, pattern, patterning,
permanent, perpetual, physique, piece, piece of virtu, plan,
plenteous, plentiful, plenum, postnatal, prefabrication, pregnant,
prenatal, preparation, preservation, primal, primary, prime,
primeval, primitive, primogenial, processing, procreative,
producing, product, production, productive, proliferous, prolific,
providence, pulsating universe, radiant, raising, refining, result,
revolutionary, rich, rudimental, rudimentary, running start,
sacred, sculpture, seminal, send-off, setting in motion,
setting-up, setup, shape, shaping, sidereal universe, smelting,
sovereign, square one, stabile, start, start-off, starting point,
statue, steady-state universe, still life, structure, structuring,
study, sum of things, superabundant, supreme, swarming, system,
take-off, tectonics, teeming, texture, the world, thriving,
timeless, tissue, totality, totality of being, uberous, ubiquitous,
unbounded, unchanging, undefined, underived, unique, universe,
unlimited, ur, virtu, visioned, visitations of providence,
warp and woof, weave, web, whole wide world, wide world, work,
work of art, workmanship, world, world without end

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[N] (Originality): originality, authorship, creativeness, invention, innovation, design, creation, conception.

[N] (Beginning): {Source}: origin, cause, source, rise, bud, germ, egg, rudiment, genesis, birth, nativity, cradle, infancy, start, inception, creation, starting point, dawn, morning, evolution, title-page, head, heading.

[N] (Effect): effect, consequence, derivative, derivation, result, upshot, issue, denouement, end, development, outgrowth, fruit, crop, harvest, product, production, produce, work, handiwork, performance, creature, creation, offspring, offshoot.

[N] (Production): production, creation, construction, formation, fabrication, manufacture, building, architecture, erection, edification, coinage, organization, putting together, establishment, workmanship, performance, achievement, completion, flowering, bringing forth, parturition, birth.

[N] (World): world, creation, nature, universe, earth, globe, cosmos, macrocosm, firmament.

Creation at English => English (Eastons 1897 Bible) Of Explained:

crack, snap, split, shiver, splinter, crumble, fall to pieces, crumble.[V] (Width): be broad, become broad, render broad, broaden, expand, thicken, widen, calibrate.[V] (Levity): be light, float, rise, swim, be buoyed up, buoy, lighten, leaven.[V] (Care): be careful, pay attention to, take care of, look to, look after, see to, keep an eye on, mount guard, watch, keep in sight, keep in view, mind.[V] (Caution): be cautious, take care, take heed, take good care, think twice, look before one leaps, let sleeping dogs lie.[V] (Centrality): be central, converge, centralize, concentrate, bring into focus.[V] (Certainty): be certain, stand to reason, render certain, insure, ensure, assure, clinch, make sure, determine, decide, set at rest.[V] (Cheapness): be cheap, cost little, get for a song, get one's money's worth.[V] (Cleanliness): be clean, clean, cleanse, rinse, wring, flush, full, wipe, mop, sponge, scour, swab, scrub, brush, wash, lave, launder, purify, purge, expurgate, clarify, refine, filter, filtrate, drain, strain.[V] (Cold): be cold, shiver, freeze, freeze to death, perish with cold.[V] (Completeness): be complete, come to a head, render complete, complete, accomplish, fill, charge, load, replenish, make up, make good, supply deficiencies, fill up, fill in, fill to the brim, fill the measure of, saturate, go the whole hog, go the whole length, go the whole nine yards* .[V]

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1 [U] the act or process of making sth that is new, or of causing sth to exist that did not exist before:
the process of database creation * wealth creation * He had been with the company since its creation in 1979. * The committee proposed the creation of a new Chair of Portuguese for the university.
2 [C] (often humorous) a thing that sb has made, especially sth artistic or imaginative:
a literary creation * The cake was a delicious creation of sponge, cream and fruit. * The bright murals in the children's ward were the creations of the nurses. * What an amazing creation (= a very unusual and new piece of clothing) you're wearing!
3 (usually the Creation) [sing.] the making of the world, especially by God as described in the Bible
4 (often Creation) [U] the world and all the living things in it

Creation at English => English (Websters 1913) Of Explained:

Creation \Cre*a"tion\ (kr?-A"sh?n), n. [L. creatio: cf. F.
cr?ation. See {Create}.]
1. The act of creating or causing to exist. Specifically, the
act of bringing the universe or this world into existence.

From the creation to the general doom. --Shak.

As when a new particle of matter dotn begin to
exist, in rerum natura, which had before no being;
and this we call creation. --Locke.

2. That which is created; that which is produced or caused to
exist, as the world or some original work of art or of the
imagination; nature.

We know that the whole creation groaneth. --Rom.
viii. 22.

A dagger of the mind, a false creation. --Shak.

Choice pictures and creations of curious art.

3. The act of constituting or investing with a new character;
appointment; formation.

An Irish peer of recent creation. --Landor.

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n 1: the human act of creating [syn: {creative activity}]
2: an artifact that has been brought into existence by someone
3: the event that occurred at the beginning of something; "from
its creation the plan was doomed to failure" [syn: {conception}]
4: the act of starting something for the first time;
introducing something new; "she looked forward to her
initiation as an adult"; "the foundation of a new
scientific society"; "he regards the fork as a modern
introduction" [syn: {initiation}, {founding}, {foundation},
{institution}, {origination}, {innovation}, {introduction},
5: (theology) God's act of bringing the universe into existence
6: everything that exists anywhere; "they study the evolution
of the universe"; "the biggest tree in existence" [syn: {universe},
{existence}, {world}, {cosmos}, {macrocosm}]

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Inter: also » création|créâtion



From Inter: etyl » fr Inter: term » création|lang=fr, from Inter: etyl » la Inter: term » creatio|creātiō|lang=la, creationis.


* Inter: IPA » kɹiːˈʲeɪʃɘn
  • Inter: audio » en-us-creation.ogg|Audio (US)
  • Inter: rhymes » eɪʃən


    Inter: en-noun » s|-

  • Inter: countabl » e An invention, artwork, etc.
    1. : I think the manufacturer was so ashamed of its creation that it didnt put its name on it!''
    2. Inter: uncountabl » e The act of creating something.
    3. : The restructure resulted in the creation of a number of shared services.
    4. Inter: uncountabl » e All which exists.
    5. : Let us pray to Christ, the King of all creation.

      Derived terms

      Inter: top » 2

  • biological creation
  • cocreation, co-creation
  • cosmic creation
  • cultural creation
  • emergent creation
  • creation denial
  • creation denier
  • genetic creation
  • intelligent design creation
  • long-age creation

  • Inter: mid » 2
    • macrocreation
    • microcreation
    • old-earth creation
    • organic creation
    • planetary creation
    • short-age creation
    • social creation
    • stellar creation
    • young-age creation
    • young-earth creation
    • young-universe creation

    Inter: botto » m

    Related terms

    Inter: top » 2
  • creatability
  • creatable
  • creatableness
  • creational
  • creationally
  • creationarily
  • creationary
  • creationary science
  • creationism
  • creationist
  • creationistic
  • creationistically
  • creation science
  • creative
  • creatively
  • creativeness
  • creativity
  • create
  • Creator, creator
  • creatorship
  • creatress
  • creatrix
  • creatural
  • creaturally
  • creature
  • creature comforts
  • creaturely
  • creatureliness

  • Inter: mid » 2
    • intelligent design creationism
    • intelligent design creationist
    • long-age creationism
    • long-age creationist
    • macroecreational
    • macrocreationary
    • macrocreationism
    • macrocreationist
    • microcreational
    • microcreationary
    • microcreationism
    • microcreationist
    • old-age creationism
    • old-age creationist
    • old-earth creationism
    • old-earth creationist
    • old-universe creationism
    • old-universe creationist
    • scientific creationism
    • scientific creationist
    • short-age creationism
    • short-age creationist
    • young-age creationism
    • young-age creationist
    • young-earth creationism
    • young-earth creationist
    • young-universe creationism
    • young-universe creationist

    Inter: botto » m


    Inter: trans-top » invention etc.
  • Asturian: Inter: t- » ast|creación|f
  • Bulgarian: Inter: t+ » bg|творение|n
  • Catalan: Inter: t+ » ca|creació|f
  • Chinese: Inter: zh-ts » 創作品|创作品 (chuàngzuòpǐn)
  • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|creatie|f
  • Esperanto: Inter: t- » eo|kreo
  • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|luomus
  • French: Inter: t+ » fr|création|f
  • Galician: Inter: t+ » gl|creación|f
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|Erfindung|f, Inter: t+ » de|Werk|n, Inter: qualifier » set of fashion items only Inter: t- » de|Kreation|f, Inter: qualifier » artwork Inter: t+ » de|Schöpfung|f
  • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|δημιούργημα|n (dimioúrgima), Inter: t+ » el|δημιουργία|f (dimiourgía)

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Haitian Creole: Inter: tø » ht|kreyasyon
    • Hungarian: Inter: t+ » hu|alkotás, Inter: t+ » hu|mű, Inter: t+ » hu|teremtmény
    • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|creazione|f
    • Jèrriais: Inter: tø » roa-jer|créâtion|f
    • Lithuanian: Inter: t- » lt|kūrinys|m
    • Old English: Inter: t- » ang|gesceaft|alt=ġesceaft
    • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|criação|f
    • Romanian: Inter: t- » ro|creație|f
    • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|творение|n|tr=tvor'énije|sc=Cyrl, Inter: t- » ru|детище|n|tr=d'étišče|sc=Cyrl
    • Serbo-Croatian: Inter: t- » sh|tvorevina|f, Inter: t- » sh|stvorevina|f, Inter: t- » sh|tvorba|f
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|creación|f
    • Swahili: Inter: t+ » sw|kiumbe

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » act of creation
    • Asturian: Inter: t- » ast|creación|f
    • Bulgarian: Inter: t+ » bg|създаване, Inter: t+ » bg|сътворение|n
    • Catalan: Inter: t+ » ca|creació|f
    • Chinese: Inter: zh-ts » 創作|创作 (chuàngzuò)
    • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|creatie|f, Inter: t+ » nl|schepping|f
    • Esperanto: Inter: t- » eo|kreado
    • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|luominen
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|création|f
    • Galician: Inter: t+ » gl|creación|f
    • German: Inter: t- » de|Kreation {{f}}, Inter: t+ » de|Schöpfung {{f}}, Inter: t- » de|Erstellung {{f}}, Inter: t+ » de|Schaffung {{f}}
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|δημιουργία|f (dimiourgía)
    • Haitian Creole: Inter: tø » ht|kreyasyon

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Hebrew: Inter: t- » he|יצירה|f|tr=yetzira|sc=Hebr
  • Hungarian: Inter: t+ » hu|alkotás, Inter: t+ » hu|teremtés
  • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|creazione|f
  • Jèrriais: Inter: tø » roa-jer|créâtion|f
  • Lithuanian: Inter: t- » lt|kūryba|f
  • Old English: Inter: t- » ang|gesceaft|alt=ġesceaft
  • Persian: Inter: t+ » fa|آفرینش|sc=fa-Arab
  • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|criação|f
  • Romanian: Inter: t- » ro|creare|f
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|созидание|n|tr=sozidánije|sc=Cyrl, Inter: t+ » ru|творение|n|tr=tvor'énije|sc=Cyrl
  • Serbo-Croatian: Inter: t- » sh|stvaranje, Inter: t- » sh|tvaranje

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » (Biblical) all which exists
    • Asturian: Inter: t- » ast|creación|f
    • Catalan: Inter: t+ » ca|creació|f
    • Chinese:
    • : Inter: zh-ts » 萬物|万物 (wànwù)
    • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|schepping|f
    • Esperanto: Inter: t- » eo|kreitaro
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|luomakunta
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|création|f
    • Galician: Inter: t+ » gl|creación|f
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Schöpfung|f
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|πλάση|f (plási)
    • Hebrew: Inter: t- » he|בריאה|f|tr=bri'a|sc=Hebr

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Hungarian: Inter: t+ » hu|teremtés
  • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|creazione
  • Jèrriais: Inter: tø » roa-jer|créâtion|f
  • Lithuanian: Inter: t- » lt|kūriniai|m|p
  • Old English: Inter: t- » ang|gesceaft|alt=ġesceaft
  • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|criação|f
  • Romanian: Inter: t- » ro|creare|f
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|мироздание|n|tr=mirozdánije|sc=Cyrl, Inter: t+ » ru|творение|n|tr=tvor'énije|sc=Cyrl
  • Serbo-Croatian: Inter: t- » sh|mirozdanje, Inter: t- » sh|stvaranje, Inter: t- » sh|tvorba
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|creación|f
  • Swedish: Inter: t+ » sv|skapelse|c

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: checktrans-to » p
    • Inter: ttbc » ja: Inter: t+ » ja|創造|sc=Jpan, Inter: t- » ja|創作|sc=Jpan, Inter: t- » ja|創作物|sc=Jpan
    • Inter: ttbc » ko: Inter: t+ » ko|창조|sc=Kore
    • Inter: ttbc » es: Inter: t+ » es|creación|f

    Inter: trans-botto » m


    * actioner, anticore, reaction, reäction
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    création at English (WD) Of Explained:

    Inter: also » creation|créâtion



    Borrowed from Inter: etyl » la|fr Inter: term » creatio|creātiō|lang=la, creationis.


    * Inter: IPA » /kʁe.a.sjɔ̃/|lang=fr, Inter: X-SAMPA » /kRe.a.sjO~/


    Inter: fr-noun » f|sort=creation
  • creation

    Related terms

    * créateur
    • créer


      * conterai
    • écornait
    • réaction

    Translation: cs » création
    Translation: et » création
    Translation: el » création
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    Translation: fr » création
    Translation: ko » création
    Translation: io » création
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    Translation: pl » création
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    Translation: ru » création
    Translation: fi » création
    Translation: vi » création
    Translation: zh » création

  • créâtion at English (WD) Of Explained:

    Inter: also » creation|création



    From Inter: etyl » la|roa-jer|sort=creation Inter: term » creatio|creātiō, creātiōnem|lang=la.


    Inter: roa-jer-noun » f|sort=creation
  • creation