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Israeli soldier and statesman. Born on Israel's first kibbutz of Russian parents, he became a guerrilla fighter against Arab raiders. Later he joined the illegal Jewish defense force Haganah. He lost an eye fighting the Vichy French in Syria during World War II. He was army chief of staff during the Suez Crisis (1956) and later agriculture minister (1959-64). He was appointed defense minister just before the Six-Day War, and the Israeli victory brought him widespread adulation; he served until 1974. He joined the opposition Likud as foreign minister when it came into power in 1977 and helped broker the 1978 Camp David Accords. See also Arab-Israeli Wars.

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n : Israeli general and statesman (1915-1981) [syn: {Moshe Dayan}]

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Inter: also » dayán



Inter: hil-noun » dayán
  • stroll, walk

  • Translation: zh » dayan

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    Inter: also » dayan



    From Inter: etyl » he|lad.


    Inter: lad-noun » l|g=m
  • Inter: Judaism » lang=lad rabbinical judge