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c.1300; its fig. sense of "clearly visible space" has been used in references to boats in a race, U.S. football running backs avoiding opposing tackles, a rider and a saddle, and the rim of a glass and the surface of the liquor. The daylights that you beat out of someone were originally slang for "the eyes" (1752), extended figuratively to the vital senses. ///

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n [U]
1 the light produced by the sun during the day: in daylight// --They're shy animals and don't often come out in daylight.// --The park is open to the public during daylight hours .// --If possible, it's better to work in natural daylight.// in broad daylight at broad1 (7)//
2 (put) daylight between yourself and sb: informal if you put daylight between yourself and someone else, you make the distance or difference between you larger// --Now the team need to put some daylight between themselves and their rivals for the championship.//
3 scare/frighten the (living) daylights out of sb: informal to frighten someone a lot// --It scared the living daylights out of me when the flames shot out.//
4 beat/knock the (living) daylights out of sb: informal to hit someone a lot and seriously hurt them//
5 daylight robbery: BrE informal a situation in which something costs you a lot more than is reasonable// --[hA124]2.50 for a cup of coffee? It's daylight robbery!//

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78 Moby Thesaurus words for "daylight":
PR, aurora, ballyhoo, blurb, break of day, bright light,
brightening, broad day, celebrity, chanticleer, clarity, cockcrow,
cocklight, common knowledge, crack of dawn, cry, currency, dawn,
dawning, day, day glow, day-peep, daybreak, dayshine, dayspring,
daytide, daytime, dusk, eclat, exposure, fame, famousness,
first brightening, full sun, glare, green flash, hoopla,
hue and cry, light, light of day, limelight, maximum dissemination,
midday sun, morn, morning, noonlight, noontide light, notoriety,
open, peep of day, plug, press notice, prime, public eye,
public knowledge, public relations, public report, publicity,
publicity story, publicness, puff, ray of sunshine, reclame,
report, shine, spotlight, sun, sun spark, sunbeam, sunbreak,
sunburst, sunlight, sunrise, sunshine, sunup, twilight,
vestibule of Day, write-up

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[N] (Light): light, ray, beam, stream, gleam, streak, sunbeam, moonbeam, aurora, day, sunshine, light of day, moonlight, starlight, sun, luminary, light, daylight, broad daylight.

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[U] the light that comes from the sun during the day:
They emerged from the church into the bright daylight. * The street looks very different in daylight. * They left before daylight (= before the sun had risen). * The bridge would be a prime target for enemy aircraft during daylight hours.
daylight robbery (informal) the fact of sb charging too much money for sth:
You wouldn't believe some of the prices they charge; it's daylight robbery.
more at BROAD adj.

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Daylight \Day"light`\ (-l[imac]t), n.
1. The light of day as opposed to the darkness of night; the
light of the sun, as opposed to that of the moon or to
artificial light.

2. pl. The eyes. [Prov. Eng.] --Wright.

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Windowpane \Win"dow*pane`\, n.
1. (Arch.) See {Pane}, n., (3)
b . [In this sense, written also {window pane}.]

2. (Zo["o]l.) A thin, spotted American turbot ({Pleuronectes
maculatus}) remarkable for its translucency. It is not
valued as a food fish. Called also {spotted turbot},
{daylight}, {spotted sand flounder}, and {water flounder}.

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n 1: the time after sunrise and before sunset while it is light
outside; "the dawn turned night into day"; "it is easier
to make the repairs in the daytime" [syn: {day}, {daytime}]
[ant: {night}]
2: light during the daytime

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Inter: also » daylights



From Inter: term » day||lang=en + Inter: term » light||lang=en


* Inter: IPA » /ˈdeɪlaɪt/
  • Inter: audio » En-us-daylight.ogg|Audio (US)


    Inter: en-noun » daylights|-

  • The light from the Sun, as opposed to that from any other source.
    1. A light source that simulates daylight.
    2. Inter: countable » photometry The intensity distribution of light over the visible spectrum generated by the Sun under various conditions or by other light sources intended to simulate natural daylight.
    3. The period of time between sunrise and sunset.
    4. : We should get home while its still daylight.''
    5. Daybreak.
    6. : We had only two hours to work before daylight.
    7. Exposure to public scrutiny.
    8. : Budgeting a spy organization cant very well be done in daylight.''
    9. A clear, open space.
    10. : All small running backs instinctively run to daylight.
    11. : He could barely see daylight through the complex clockwork.
    12. : Finally, after weeks of work on the project, they could see daylight.
    13. Inter: countable » machinery The space between platens on a press or similar machinery.
    14. : The minimum and maximum daylights on an injection molding machine determines the sizes of the items it can make.
    15. Inter: idiomati » c Emotional or psychological distance between people, or disagreement.
    16. : We completely agree. Theres no daylight between us on the issue.''


      * daytime

  • morning


    * night
  • darkness

    Derived terms

    * broad daylight, in broad daylight


    Inter: trans-top » light from the sun
  • Catalan: Inter: t- » ca|llum del dia|f
  • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|daglicht|n
  • Esperanto: Inter: t- » eo|taglumo
  • French: Inter: t+ » fr|jour|m
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|Tageslicht|n

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|φως|n|tr=fos|sc=Grek
    • Hebrew: אור יום (or yom) {{m}}
    • Russian: естественное освещение {{n}}, дневной свет {{m}}
    • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|gün ışığı
    • Welsh: Inter: t+ » cy|golau dydd|m, Inter: t- » cy|goleuni dydd|m

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » period of time between sunrise and sunset
    • Catalan: Inter: t+ » ca|dia|m
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|jour|m
    • German: Inter: t+ » de|Tageslicht|n

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|μέρα|f|tr=méra|sc=Grek
  • Russian: светлое время суток
  • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|gündüz, Inter: t+ » tr|gün

  • Inter: trans-botto » m


    Inter: en-verb » head=daylight|daylights|daylighting|daylighted or daylit
  • To expose to daylight
    1. Inter: architectur » e To provide sources of natural illumination such as skylights or windows.
    2. To allow light in, as by drawing drapes.
    3. Inter: context » landscaping|civil engineering To run a drainage pipe to an opening from which its contents can drain away naturally.
    4. Inter: intransitiv » e To gain exposure to the open.
    5. : The seam of coal daylighted at a cliff by the river.


      Inter: trans-top » to expose to daylight

  • Welsh: Inter: t+ » cy|goleuo, Inter: t- » cy|dyddoleuo

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    Inter: trans-botto » m

    See also

    * dawn
    • sunrise
    • sunset

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