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[only before noun] (especially AmE) lasting for a whole day:
a daylong conference / meeting

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adj : lasting through an entire day
adv : during the entire day; "light pours daylong into the parlor"
[syn: {all day long}]

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Inter: suffix » day|long


Inter: en-adj » -
  • Which lasts a day, or approximately so.


    Inter: en-adv » -

  • Throughout the day.
    1. 1988, Takēs Papatsōnēs
    2. : I feel myself to be a man disgraced, walking nightlong and daylong beyond the Paling of a Garden lush with fountains and flowers, waiting In vain for the....
    3. 1986, J. R. Salamanca
    4. :...silent house with its bare rooms and bone-white walls on which the southern windows cast slanted plaques of light that slide, daylong, towards the...

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