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City (pop., 1996 est.: 173,000), SW Ohio. Settled on the Miami River in 1796 by a group of Revolutionary War veterans, it developed as a river port shipping agricultural produce. The 1829 opening of the Miami and Erie Canal between Dayton and Cincinnati, and the arrival in 1851 of the railroad stimulated its industrial growth. It was home to W. and O. Wright, and is also their place of burial. The city is a market and distribution center. It is the site of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (established 1946) and the Air Force Institute of Technology (1947). Home to several colleges and universities, it also has an art institute and a symphony orchestra.

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n : a city in southwest Ohio; manufacturing center

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  • A city in Ohio, United States
    1. An English surname, variant of Deighton
    2. Category: w - :Jonathan Dayton|Jonathan Dayton (1760-1824), an early American politician

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