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Agnes (1909-93) a US dancer and choreographer who planned the dances for several musical plays on Broadway, such as Oklahoma! and Carousel//

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U.S. dancer and choreographer who expanded the innovative use of Amer. themes. Born in New York City, she graduated from UCLA and moved back to New York, and soon was touring the U.S. with her own mime-dance concerts (1929-40). She choreographed works for Ballet (later Amer. Ballet) Theatre; in Rodeo (1942) she used tap dancing for the first time in a ballet. She choreographed many Broadway musicals, incl. Oklahoma! (1943), Carousel (1945), Brigadoon (1947), and Paint Your Wagon (1951). She wrote several books on dance and an autobiography.

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de Mille
n : United States dancer and choreographer who introduced formal
dance to a wide audience (born in 1905) [syn: {Agnes de
Mille}, {Agnes George de Mille}]