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Irish (U.S.-born) politician and patriot. Born in New York City to a Spanish father and an Irish mother, at age 2 he was sent to live with his mother's family in Ireland when his father died. He joined the Irish Volunteers (1913) and helped lead the rebels in the Easter Rising. He was elected president of Sinn Fé in in 1918. Repudiating the treaty that formed the Irish Free State because it provided for the partition of Ireland, he supported the republican resistance in the ensuing civil war. In 1924 he founded Fianna Fá il, which won the 1932 elections. As prime minister (1932-48), he took the Irish Free State out of the British Commonwealth and made his country a "sovereign" state, renamed Ireland, or É ire. He proclaimed Ireland neutral in World War II. After twice serving again as prime minister (1951-54, 1957-59), he became president of Ireland (1959-73).

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de Valera
n : Irish statesman (born in the United States); as president of
the Irish Free State he was responsible for the new
constitution of 1937 that created the state of Eire
(1882-1975) [syn: {Eamon de Valera}]