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* Inter: a » UK Inter: IPA » /ˌdɪə(ɹ)ˈmiː/


Inter: en-interj » sg=dear me
  • An expression of surprise, dismay, or indulgent disapproval.
    1. 1922, Inter: w » Virginia Woolf, Inter: w » Jacobs Room'' Chapter 2
    2. :"Dear me," said Mrs. Flanders, when she read in the Scarborough and Harrogate Courier that the Rev. Andrew Floyd, etc., etc., had been made Principal of Maresfield House, "that must be our Mr. Floyd."


      * deary me

  • dearie me
  • good gracious
  • good gracious me
  • good heavens
  • goodness gracious
  • goodness gracious me
  • heavens
  • oh my
  • tsk tsk
  • tut tut


    Inter: trans-see » good heavens


    * dreame, meader, read me, readme, reamed, remade

  • Translation: et » dear me