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ied his childhood sweetheart. * childhood cancer
a / sb's second childhood a time in the life of an adult person when they behave like a child againadjective
1 connected with or typical of a child:
childish handwriting
2 (disapproving) (of an adult) behaving in a stupid or silly way
Don't be so childish!
childishly adverb:
to behave childishly
childishness noun [U]adjective
having no children:
a childless couple / marriageadjective
(usually approving) having the qualities that children usually have, especially INNOCENCE:
childlike enthusiasm / simplicity / delight
compare CHILDISHnoun
(BrE) a person, usually a woman, who is paid to care for children while their parents are at work. A childminder usually does this in his or her own home.
see also BABYSITTERadjective
designed so that young children cannot open, use, or damage it:
childproof containers for medicines(AmE)


2 = CHILLI CON CARNEnoun, verb, adjective
1 [sing.] a feeling of being cold:
There's a chill in the air this morning. * A small fire was burning to take the chill off the room.
2 [C] an illness caused by being cold and wet, causing fever and SHIVERING (= shaking of the body)
3 [sing.] a feeling of fear:
a chill of fear / apprehension * His words sent a chill down her spine. * The news of the disaster cast a chill over the party.
1 [VN] [usually passive] to make sb very cold:
They were chilled by the icy wind. * Let's go home, I'm chilled to the bone (= very cold).
2 when food or a drink chills or when sb chills it, it is made very cold but it does not freeze:
[V] Let the pudding chill for an hour until set. * [VN] This wine is best served chilled. * chilled foods (= for example in a supermarket) * chilled beer / champagne
3 [VN] [usually passive] (literary) to frighten sb:
His words chilled her. * We were chilled at th