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Inter: en-noun » head=death by PowerPoint|-|deaths by PowerPoint
  • the boredom of a dull PowerPoint presentation, normally consisting of simple bulleted lists and conventional graphics
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    3. : In corporations, death by overhead has been replaced by death by PowerPoint. Nothing has changed but the technology.
    4. 2007, Rob Waite, “Real-World Story No. 18”, The Lost Art of General Management, inc. (publisher), ISBN 0975303007, page 74:
    5. : We’ve all endured them ... PowerPoint presentations that drone on forever. I call this “Death by PowerPoint.”
    6. : One of my near-death-by-PowerPoint experiences occurred in Newfoundland, Canada.
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    8. : And, as audience members, we have all experienced death by PowerPoint, the comatose state that results from being subjected to one stultifying slide after another.
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  • : Where a 10-page presentation with one or two charts would have been acceptable before, now we all suffer from death by PowerPoint.