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n [C] a large metal box in which food can be stored at very low temperatures for a long time// freezer//

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24 Moby Thesaurus words for "deep freeze":
blast, blast-freeze, blight, congeal, deep-freezer, freeze,
freeze solid, freezer, freezing machine, glaciate, glacify, ice,
ice machine, ice plant, ice-cream freezer, ice-cube machine,
icehouse, nip, quick-freeze, refreeze, refrigerating engine,
refrigerating machine, regelate, sharp-freezer

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(BrE) (AmE Deepfreeze deep freezer) noun

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deep freeze
n : temporary inactivity or suspension; "the legislation has now
been revived after ten years in the deep freeze"

deep freeze
v : store in a deep-freeze, as for conservation; "deep-freeze
the food"

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Alternative forms

* deep-freeze


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  • a freezer


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