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89 Moby Thesaurus words for "deep seated":
ankle-deep, chronic, confirmed, congenital, connate,
constitutional, deep, deep-cut, deep-down, deep-dyed,
deep-engraven, deep-fixed, deep-grounded, deep-laid, deep-lying,
deep-reaching, deep-rooted, deep-set, deep-settled, deep-sinking,
deep-sunk, deep-sunken, deepish, deepsome, dyed-in-the-wool,
embedded, embossed, engrafted, engraved, entrenched, esoteric,
established, etched, fast, firmly established, fixed, graven,
immanent, implanted, implicit, impressed, imprinted, inalienable,
inborn, inbred, incorrigible, inculcated, indelibly impressed,
indwelling, infixed, ingrained, ingrown, inherent, innate, inner,
instilled, internal, intrinsic, inveterate, inward, inwrought,
irreducible, irreversible, knee-deep, long-established, old-line,
on a rock, on bedrock, private, profound, resident, rooted, secret,
set, settled, settled in habit, stabilized, subjective, sworn,
thorough, unalienable, unchallengeable, unquestionable, vested,
well-established, well-founded, well-grounded, well-set,

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[ADJ] (Depth): deep, deep seated, profound, sunk, buried, submerged, underwater, submarine, subterranean, underground, bottomless, soundless, fathomless, unfathomed, unfathomable, abysmal, gaping, yawning.

[ADJ] (Interiority): interior, internal, inner, inside, inward, inmost, innermost, deep seated, intestinal, inland, subcutaneous, abdominal, inwrought, intrinsic, domestic, indoor, intramural, vernacular, endemic.