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[de·inde] (déin-)adv I. thereafter, next; II. afterwards, then (1. following in time; 2. next in order)

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ADV then/next/afterward; thereon/henceforth/from there/then; in next position/place;

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Compound of Inter: term » de|lang=la + Inter: term » inde|lang=la.


* Inter: a » Classical Inter: IPA » /ˈ|lang=la
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    Inter: la-adv » deinde||-

  • from that place
    1. thereafter, thereupon, afterwards, then, from there onwards
    2. : Deinde Cornelia sedet in horto.
    3. :: Then Cornelia sits in the garden.
    4. and then, next


      * dein (abbreviation)

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