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adj [Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: dejectus, from jacere 'to throw']// unhappy, disappointed, or sad// --The unemployed stood at street corners, dejected.// -- dejectedly adv // -- dejection/d[hA366]d[hA360]ek[hA35D][hA368]n/ n [U] //

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68 Moby Thesaurus words for "dejected":
beetle-browed, black, black-browed, blue, bowed-down, cast down,
crestfallen, dark, dashed, depressed, despairing, despondent,
desponding, disconsolate, discouraged, disheartened, dispirited,
dour, down, downcast, downhearted, drooping, droopy, dumpish,
feeling low, forlorn, frowning, gloomy, glowering, glum, grim,
grum, heartbroken, heartless, hypochondriac, hypochondriacal,
in low spirits, in the depths, in the doldrums, in the dumps,
languishing, low, low-spirited, lowering, melancholy, miserable,
moodish, moody, mopey, moping, mopish, morose, mumpish,
pessimistic, pining, sad, scowling, sorrowful, spiritless, subdued,
suicidal, sulky, sullen, surly, unhappy, weary of life, woebegone,

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[ADJ] (Hopelessness): hopeless, desperate, despairing, forlorn, desolate, inconsolable, disconsolate, dejected, broken hearted, incurable, despondent.

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unhappy and disappointed:
She looked so dejected when she lost the game.
dejectedly adverb:
He stared dejectedly at his feet.

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Dejected \De*ject"ed\, a.
Cast down; afflicted; low-spirited; sad; as, a dejected look
or countenance. -- {De*ject"ed*ly}, adv. --
{De*ject"ed*ness}, n.

Deject \De*ject"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Dejected}; p. pr. & vb.
n. {Dejecting}.] [L. dejectus, p. p. of dejicere to throw
down; de- + jacere to throw. See {Jet} a shooting forth.]
1. To cast down. [Obs. or Archaic]

Christ dejected himself even unto the hells.

Sometimes she dejects her eyes in a seeming
civility; and many mistake in her a cunning for a
modest look. --Fuller.

2. To cast down the spirits of; to dispirit; to discourage;
to dishearten.

Nor think, to die dejects my lofty mind. --Pope.

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adj : affected or marked by low spirits; "is dejected but trying
to look cheerful" [ant: {elated}]