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From the Inter: etyl » grc epithet of the goddess Artemis, referring to her birth on the island of Delos.


* Inter: a » UK Inter: IPA » /ˈdiːlɪə/
  • Inter: rhymes » iːliə

    Proper noun

    Inter: en-proper nou » n

  • Inter: given name » female|from=Ancient Greek.
    1. ~1886 Category: w - :William Ernest Henley|William Ernest Henley, A Ballade of Ladies Names'', Gleeson White:Ballades and Rondeaus, Read Books 1887, page 19:
    2. : Sentiment hallows the vowels of Delia; /Sweet simplicity breathes from Rose;
    3. 1995 Category: w - :Anne Tyler|Anne Tyler, Ladder of Years, Knopf, ISBN 0679441557, page 8:
    4. : "I'm Delia Grinstead," she told him. - - - "I don't believe I've ever run into a Delia before." "Well, it's Cordelia, really. My father named me that."


      * ailed, ideal, ladie



    From the Inter: etyl » grc|es epithet of Artemis. Also used as a short form of the rare given name Inter: term » Adelia|lang=es.

    Proper noun

    Inter: es-proper noun » f
  • Inter: given name » female|lang=es.

  • Translation: es » Delia
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    Inter: fr-verb-form » sort=delia
  • Inter: conjugation of » délier||3|s|past historic|lang=fr


    * délai
    • idéal
    • laide

    Translation: fr » délia