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1623, "of Delos, tiny Gk. island in the Aegean, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Delian problem "find the length of the side of a cube having double the volume of a given cube," was set by the oracle at Delos when it answered (430 B.C.E.) than the plague in Athens would end when Apollo's (cube-shaped) altar was doubled. ///

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==Old Saxon==

Alternative form

* deljan


From Inter: etyl » gem-pro|osx Inter: recons » dailijanan|lang=gem-pro.


Inter: head » osx|verb|head=dēlian
  • to deal out, to distribute


    Inter: osx-conj-wk1 » head=dēlian|dēl|dēld

  • Translation: fr » delian