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69 Moby Thesaurus words for "deliberateness":
aforethought, calculatedness, calculation, canniness, care,
careful consideration, carefulness, caution, cautiousness,
circumspection, creeping, deliberate stages, deliberation,
discretion, dolce far niente, drawl, express intention,
expressness, foot-dragging, forethought, gingerliness, guardedness,
hastelessness, hedge, hedging, heed, heedfulness, hesitation,
idleness, inactivity, indolence, inertia, inertness,
intentionality, judiciousness, languor, laziness, leisureliness,
lentitude, lentor, mindfulness, pawkiness, pokiness,
preconsideration, predeliberation, predetermination, premeditation,
preresolution, prior consultation, prudence, prudentialness,
regardfulness, relaxedness, reluctance, safeness, safety first,
slackness, sloth, slowness, slowness to act, sluggardy,
sluggishness, solicitude, tentativeness, thoroughness,
uncommunicativeness, unhastiness, unhurriedness,

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[N] (Will): will, volition, velleity, free will, freedom, discretion, option, choice, spontaneity, spontaneousness, intention, resolution, force of will, deliberateness.

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Deliberateness \De*lib"er*ate*ness\, n.
The quality of being deliberate; calm consideration;

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n 1: a rate demonstrating an absence of haste or hurry [syn: {slowness},
{deliberation}, {unhurriedness}]
2: the trait of thoughtfulness in action or decision; "he was a
man of judicial deliberation" [syn: {deliberation}]

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Inter: suffix » deliberate|ness


Inter: en-noun » -
  • the state or property of being deliberate

    Related terms

    * deliberation

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