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[N] (Liquefaction): liquefaction, melting, heat, thaw, deliquescence, dissolution, solution.

[V] (Liquefaction): render liquid, liquefy, run, deliquesce, melt, heat, dissolve, resolve.

[ADJ] (Liquefaction): liquefied, liquescent, liquid, liquefiable, deliquescent, soluble.

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Deliquesce \Del`i*quesce"\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Deliquesced};
p. pr. & vb. n. {Deliquescing}.] [L. deliquescere to melt,
dissolve; de- + liquescere to become fluid, melt, fr. liquere
to be fluid. See {Liquid}.] (Chem.)
To dissolve gradually and become liquid by attracting and
absorbing moisture from the air, as certain salts, acids, and

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v 1: melt away in the process of decay; "The fungi eventually
2: melt or become liquid by absorbig moisture from the air;
"this type of salt deliquesces easily"

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Inter: en-verb » deliquesc|ing
  • Inter: intransitiv » e To melt and disappear.
    1. 1895, H. G. Wells, The Time Machine Chapter VIII
    2. :Exploring, I found another short gallery running transversely to the first. This appeared to be devoted to minerals, and the sight of a block of sulphur set my mind running on gunpowder. But I could find no saltpeter; indeed no nitrates of any kind. Doubtless they had deliquesced ages ago. Yet the sulphur hung in my mind and set up a train of thinking. As for the rest of the contents of that place, though on the whole they were the best preserved of all I saw—I had little interest. I am no specialist in mineralogy, and I soon went on down a very ruinous aisle running parallel to the first hall I had entered.
    3. Inter: intransitive » chemistry To become liquid by absorbing water from the atmosphere.

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