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after, as soon as, by, for the sake of, sake

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erte [aktiːviːrtə]

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Demi \De*mi"\, n.
See {Demy}, n.

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Demy \De*my"\, n.; pl. {Demies}. [See {Demi-}.]
1. A printing and a writing paper of particular sizes. See
under {Paper}.

2. A half fellow at Magdalen College, Oxford. [Written also

He was elected into Magdalen College as a demy; a
term by which that society denominates those
elsewhere called ``scholars,'' young men who partake
of the founder's benefaction, and succeed in their
order to vacant fellowships. --Johnson.

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Inter: also » demi-|Demi



Inter: en-nou » n
  • Inter: alternative spelling of » demy
    1. Inter: slan » g a fifty pence piece.
    2. A bottle of wine containing 0.375 liters of fluid, 1/2 the volume of a standard bottle; a split.


      * dime, Dime, idem



    * Inter: audio » Fr-demi.ogg|demi
    • Inter: IPA » /də.mi/|lang=fr


      Inter: fr-ad » j

  • half


    Inter: fr-noun » m

  • half (fraction)
    1. (used in time) half (half-hour)
    2. : Il est cinq heures et demie. - It is half past five. — but:
    3. : Elle sera là dans une demi-heure. - She will be here in half an hour. (where “demi” indicates a fraction and where there is no agreement in gender and number)
    4. Glass of beer of 250ml volume
    5. : Deux demis et un verre de vin rouge, sil vous plaît. - Two small beers and a glass of red wine, please.''

      See also

      * Inter: l » fr|moitié


      * dîme, idem



    Inter: head » id|preposition
  • at

  • Latin


    Inter: la-verb-form » dēmī
  • Inter: conjugation of » demo|dēmō|pres|pass|inf|lang=la

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    Inter: also » demi|demi-



    * Inter: a » UK Inter: IPA » /ˈdɛmi/
  • Inter: rhymes » iː

    Proper noun

    Inter: en-proper nou » n

  • Inter: given name » female, a diminutive of Demetria introduced into English in the 1990s by the actress Demi Moore.


    * dime, Dime
    • idem



    * Inter: IPA » dɛmi|lang=sq
    • Inter: hyphenation » De|mi

      Proper noun

      Inter: head » sq|proper noun|g=m

  • Inter: astrology » lang=sq Taurus (a person born under the sign of Taurus)

    Related terms

    * Inter: l » sq|dem

  • Translation: et » Demi
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