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n the dispossessed// people who have had property or land taken away//

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[ADJ] (Loss): losing, deprived of, denuded, bereaved, bereft, dispossessed.

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Dispossess \Dis`pos*sess"\ (?; see {Possess}), v. t. [imp. & p.
p. {Dispossessed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Dispossessing}.] [Pref.
dis- + possess: cf. F. d['e]poss['e]der.]
To put out of possession; to deprive of the actual occupancy
of, particularly of land or real estate; to disseize; to
eject; -- usually followed by of before the thing taken away;
as, to dispossess a king of his crown.

Usurp the land, and dispossess the swain. --Goldsmith.

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adj : physically or spiritually homeless or deprived of security;
"made a living out of shepherding dispossed people from
one country to another"- James Stern [syn: {homeless},

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Inter: en-verb for » m
  • Inter: past of » dispossess
    1. 1215Category: s - :Magna Carta|Magna Carta
    2. : To any man whom we have deprived or dispossessed of lands, castles, liberties, or rights, without the lawful judgement of his equals, we will at once restore these.
    3. 1897 — Category: w - :Mark Twain|Mark Twain, Category: s - :How to Tell a Story|How to Tell a Story
    4. : Whereupon the soldier dispossessed himself of his burden, and stood looking down upon it in great perplexity.


      Inter: en-adj » -

  • homeless
  • impoverished

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