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[donec] (dó-)conj 1. while, as long as; 2. until, up to the time that

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CONJ while, as long as, until;

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Shortened from the anteclassical and postclassical form Inter: term » donicum|lang=la from the old dative Inter: term » doni|lang=la (Inter: term » dioni|lang=la; for the root and other related things, see Inter: term » dies|dīēs|day|lang=la) + Inter: term » cum||with|lang=la.


  • while, as long as, until, denotes the relation of two actions at the same time
  • : Donec, infecta pace, armis desilirent.
  • :: While, with peace broken off, they came to strive with arms.
  • : et non cognoscebat eam, donec peperit filium, et vocavit nomen eius Iesum.
  • :: And he did not have relations with her until she had given birth to a son, and he named him Jesus.

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