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83 Moby Thesaurus words for "dump on":
abase, abash, affront, barrack, be above, be contemptuous of,
bring down, bring low, call names, care nothing for, chaff,
contemn, crush, cut at, debase, degrade, demean, deride, despise,
dig at, diminish, disdain, dishonor, disoblige, disparage,
disprize, dump, feel contempt for, feel superior to, fleer,
fleer at, flout, gibe, gibe at, give offense to, hold beneath one,
hold cheap, hold in contempt, humiliate, hurl a brickbat, insult,
jab, jab at, jape, jeer, jeer at, jibe at, look down upon, lower,
misprize, mock, offend, outrage, pooh, pooh-pooh, put down,
rail at, rally, rank low, rank out, reduce, revile, ridicule,
scoff, scoff at, scorn, scout, set at naught, set down, slam,
slap at, sneer, sneer at, sneeze at, sniff at, snort at, swipe,
take down, taunt, think nothing of, treat with indignity, trip up,

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Inter: head » en|verb|head=dump on
  • Inter: idiomatic » transitive To dump (finish a relationship with someone)

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