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(pl) duona
(pl) duonas

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14c., from M.L. duodenum digitorium "space of twelve digits," from L. duodeni "twelve each." Coined by Gerard of Cremona (d.1187), who translated "Canon Avicennae," a loan-transl. of Gk. dodekadaktylon, lit. "twelve fingers long," the intestine part so called by Gk. physician Herophilus (c.353-280 B.C.E.) for its length, about equal to the breadth of twelve fingers. ///

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n [C] [Date: 1300-1400; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: Latin duodeni 'twelve each' (because it is twelve finger-widths long)]// the top part of your bowel, below your stomach// -- duodenal/dju[hA359][hA353]di[hA359]nl[hA36B] $ du[hA359][hA353]di[hA359]nl[hA36B], du[hA35A][hA359]dn-[hA353]l/ adj // --a duodenal ulcer//

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First and shortest (9-11 in., or 23-28 cm) segment of the small intestine. It curves down and then up from the pylorus of the stomach, where chyme enters it. Ducts from the pancreas and gallbladder bring in bicarbonate to neutralize stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes to further digestion, and bile salts to break up fats. Nutrient absorption begins in the lower duodenum, which has a mucous lining. Exposure to stomach acid makes the upper duodenum susceptible to peptic ulcers, the duodenum's most common problem. Compression of the lower duodenum between the liver, pancreas, and major blood vessels can require surgery.

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43 Moby Thesaurus words for "duodenum":
abdomen, anus, appendix, blind gut, bowels, brain, cecum, colon,
endocardium, entrails, foregut, giblets, gizzard, guts, heart,
hindgut, innards, inner mechanism, insides, internals, intestine,
inwards, jejunum, kidney, kishkes, large intestine, liver,
liver and lights, lung, midgut, perineum, pump, pylorus, rectum,
small intestine, spleen, stomach, ticker, tripes,
vermiform appendix, viscera, vitals, works

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(plural duodenums or duodena ) (anatomy) the first part of the small INTESTINE, next to the stomach
duodenal adjective:
a duodenal ulcer

duodenum at English => English (Oxford Advanced Learners) Of Explained:

(plural duodenums or duodena ) (anatomy) the first part of the small INTESTINE, next to the stomach
duodenal adjective:
a duodenal ulcer

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Duodenum \Du`o*de"num\, n. [NL., fr. duodeni twelve each: cf. F.
duodenum. So called because its length is about twelve
fingers' breadth.] (Anat.)
The part of the small intestines between the stomach and the
jejunum. See Illust. of Digestive apparatus, under

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n : the part of the small intestine between the stomach and the
[also: {duonas} (pl), {duona} (pl)]

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Inter: also » Duodenum


Category: Image - :Tractus intestinalis duodenum.svg|thumb|A schematic of the gastrointestinal tract, with the duodenum shown in orange-pink.


From Inter: etyl » ML. (from the phrase Inter: term » |duodēnum digitōrum|space of twelve digits, in reference to its length), from Inter: term » duodeni|duodēnī|twelve each|lang=la + Inter: term » digitorum|digitōrum|lang=la, genitive plural of Inter: term » digitus||finger, toe, digit|lang=la.


* Inter: a » UK Inter: IPA » /djuːə(ʊ)ˈdiːnəm/
  • Inter: audio » en-us-duodenum.ogg|Audio (US), Inter: audio » En-us-ncalif-duodenum.ogg|Audio (Northern California, US)


    Inter: en-noun » duodena|pl2=duodenums

  • The first part of the small intestine, starting at the lower end of the stomach and extending to the jejunum.

    Derived terms

    * duodenal
    • duodenitis


      * dodecadactylum, maw-gut Inter: qualifier » both obsolete


      Inter: trans-top » first part of the small intestine
    • Arabic: Inter: t- » ar|اثنا عشري|p|tr=ithnā `ashariy
    • Basque: Inter: t+ » eu|duodeno
    • Bengali: Inter: t- » bn|ডুওডেনাম|sc=Beng
    • Bulgarian: Inter: t- » bg|дванадесетопръстник|m
    • Chinese:
    • : Mandarin: Inter: t- » cmn|十二指腸|sc=Hani, Inter: t » cmn|十二指肠|tr=shí'èrzhǐcháng|sc=Hani
    • Czech: Inter: t- » cs|dvanáctník|m
    • Danish: tolvfingertarm {{c}}
    • Dutch: twaalfvingerige darm {{m}}, duodenum {{n}}
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|pohjukaissuoli
    • French: Inter: t+ » fr|duodénum|m

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|Duodenum|n, Inter: t+ » de|Zwölffingerdarm|m
  • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|δωδεκαδάκτυλο|n|tr=dodekadáktylo
  • Japanese: Inter: t+ » ja|十二指腸|tr=じゅうにしちょう, jūnishichō
  • Korean: 십이지장 (十二指腸,sibijijang)
  • Macedonian: Inter: t- » mk|дванаесетпалечно црево|n|tr=dvanaesetpálečno crévo
  • Polish: Inter: t+ » pl|dwunastnica|f
  • Russian: Inter: t- » ru|двенадцатиперстная кишка|f|tr=dvenadcatipérstnaja kišká
  • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|duodeno|m
  • Swedish: Inter: t- » sv|tolvfingertarm|c
  • Turkish: Inter: t- » tr|oniki-parmak bağırsağı
  • Volapük: Inter: t- » vo|duoden

  • Inter: trans-botto » m

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    Inter: also » duodenum



    From Inter: etyl » la|de duodenum, from duodeni 'twelve each', from duodecim 'twelve (from duo 'two' + decem 'ten')


    Inter: head » de|noun|pl=Duodena|g=n
  • Inter: anatomy » lang=de The duodenum, first part of the small intestine

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    Inter: also » duodenum



    Inter: fr-noun » m|sort=duodenum
  • duodenum

    Related terms

    * duodénal

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