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Electronic Entertainment Exposition

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A very small editor This package contains an editor you can call via the following links: - e3em: Emacs-like key bindings

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A European {framing specification} for the
transmission of 16 multiplexed {E1} data streams, resulting in
a transmission rate of 34.368 Mb/s (= 34,368 kb/s).


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Inter: cmn-alt-pinyin » ě|e3
  • Inter: pinyin reading of » 噁 nastiness; nauseate: sickening
    1. Inter: pinyin reading of » 恶 evil, wicked, bad, foul
    2. Inter: pinyin reading of » 獿
    3. Inter: pinyin reading of » 阾
    4. Inter: pinyin reading of » 駾 run away

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