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King (1442-83) the king of England from 1461 to 1483//

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King of England (1461-70, 1471-83). His father, a claimant to the throne, was killed in 1461, and Edward was crowned, thanks largely to his cousin the earl of Warwick. This alliance did not last, and after much intrigue and fighting Edward was deposed and fled in 1470. The next year he returned to become a leading participant in the Wars of the Roses, defeating and killing Warwick and nearly all the remaining Lancastrian leaders. After murdering Henry VI and repelling an attack on London, Edward remained secure as king for the rest of his life. He invaded France, which Henry had inherited but largely lost; though the attempt was unsuccessful, Edward made an excellent financial settlement by treaty. His administrative achievements made his reign a time of prosperity and success. Seven children survived him; his two sons were probably murdered in the Tower of London, and his eldest daughter married Henry VII.

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Edward IV
n : King of England from 1461 to 1470 and from 1471 to 1483; was
dethroned in 1470 but regained the throne in 1471 by his
victory at the battle of Tewkesbury (1442-1483)