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  • Inter: misspelling of » egregious
    1. 1954, Ellen Kean, Charles John Kean, Emigrant in Motley: The Journey of Charles and Ellen Kean in Quest of a, Rockliffpage 182:
    2. : At the Governor’s I commented upon this egrecious folly and ignorance and the ex Premier Mr. Cowper, being present remarked that he supposed the writer was....
    3. 1960, Wests California reporter'', University of California, volume 220, page 170:
    4. : ... exemplary or compensatory damages may be awarded in situations involving violations which are particularly deliberate, egrecious or inexcusable.
    5. 2006, J. E. Grant, The Ropes Held Him Up -- Boxing Essays and Articles (ISBN 1430303352), page 198:

  • : If you want to understand what is wrong with the alphabets, look no further than that egrecious oversight.